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Adobe Illustrator Work

In continuation with my class, here are few pieces I created using Adobe Illustrator. At first, I hated the program and swore up and down I’d never use it, the “pen tool” was the bane of my existence and InDesign was the only design platform I’d use. I really should stop being so quick to judge… Nevertheless! I love Illustrator and I love the pen tool. (Don’t worry, I still love InDesign.) I’m excited to start playing with my Wacom Bamboo tablet and keep bettering my design skills. Anywho, here are a few pieces I’ve created.


I can’t say this piece took too much time or effort, but it was really fun to do. Who wouldn’t love an electronic version of their name in balloons?


This project was centered around creating a personal logo or logo for an imaginary company. I chose a logo for personal use, clearly. I based the design around my tattoo, breaking the image a part into a rough shape of my initials. In true millennial fashion, I placed the pattern in a colored circle (my favorite color) and used the concept of negative space for a more modern approach. To make sure everyone understood what the image was, I put my name underneath-all under-case letters to fit my aesthetic and in “Quicksand,” aka my favorite font.

Anne Parker Info Poster

Considering this is my third(?) infographic, I’ve realized I love infographics. The point of this project was to become very familiar with typography and I definitely used a lot of that in this one. Who doesn’t love a sans serif type? Helvetica Neue, condensed bold to be exact. We could pick subjects that we’re passionate about, so naturally I chose drinking water and proper hydration, because duh. I love the color scheme I chose and I hand made every graphic on this poster, from the pie chart to the water bottle (Nalgene FTW) to the droplets.