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Is Taylor Swift Unknowingly An Icon For Female Coders?

Taylor Swift, 10-time Grammy award winner and one of the most well-known pop singers on the planet, quite possibly has the chance to claim stake at yet another title: Taylor Swift, female coders’ icon.

This might seem like a far-fetched claim, but there have been crazier ones made in the tech community (e.g. anytime Elon Musk tries to tweet anything slightly out of the box.)

SWIFT Code is the standard format for Bank Identifier Codes (BIC) and very different from any of the other thousands of programming languages. It consists of a combination of various letters and numbers that helps identify the branch codes of banks. Obviously this isn’t a common type of code and has a very specific use that most coders will never use, but some programmers have still found a way to attach the computer language to the 29 year old pop star.


Taylor coding at a young age?

A 2017 study from Qualtrics shows that 76 percent of programmers would rather listen to music instead of podcasts or the news while they work, and Taylor Swift ranks highly on all kinds of engineers’ playlists. The same study also reports that 28 percent of respondents prefer pop music over other genres. John Brandon, contributing editor for, has his own theories on Swift (not the code) being a coder’s musical preference and the social sciences behind it.

For further proof, check out Kathryn Hodge’s blog, BlondieBytes, where she dives into programming projects performed by herself and other women that were inspired by the one and only, Taylor Swift.

And yet, the best proof of this theory is the Twitter account, SwiftOnSecurity.

With over 265k followers, the users who runs this account claims to actually be Taylor Swift, while also being an expert on all things cybersecurity and industrial safety, among other related topics. From discussing their experience in IT to being a typical fan account for Swift, SwiftOnSecurity has made bold claims that she is the icon that female coders need.

Swift has yet to make a comment on any of these allegations, and I’m sure everyone is as curious as I am to hear her thoughts on the matter. Say what you will about this theory, but in the meantime, I’ll be Dancing With [my] Hands Tied. Alexa play Shake It Off.