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Infographic Designing

Buffalo Flats Artist Association

For my Strategic Communications 315 class (Advertising & Public Relations Writing), we were tasked with working with a non-profit organization located in Grafton, WV. Buffalo Flats Artist Association was established so that the people of Grafton and the surrounding area had a place to share and create art, come together as a community and find interest in new things. My team in particular focused on the entertainment side of their company, helping them to gain recognition in the area and a larger attendance at their events. I took the lead on the infographic section of our project and these are the few I created for BFAA. For those unfamiliar with what an infographic is, it’s generally a visual representation of information typically in the form of a graph or chart. I created both on Canva.

BFAA Infographic 2

I wanted the first infographic that I designed to be more of an overview of the organization. The way I laid this print out gives the basic information of the company, highlighting the biggest points any company wants a potential new member of customer to know. I used the color scheme and general font family (League—Gothic and Spartan) that we used for our entire media kit, which includes a dark blue (2d4578), light pink (eea5b2) and a light blue (869bc2).

BFAA Infographic 1

Since the main focus of my team was entertainment, I focused the second infographic around BFAA’s event calendar for December. The holidays are their most active time of the year and they really wanted us to help them get the word out for their various upcoming events. This piece is specifically designed to go with a social media post (i.e. Facebook, Instagram or Twitter) to let BFAA members now in advance when planned events will be happening. It’s also perfect to be paired with another flier promoting a singular event (which we also created and included in our final media kit). I took all of the events listed from their editorial calendar and wrote descriptions based on assorted posts I found linked to similar past events. I went with a simple red and green color scheme for an iconic Christmas theme, adding a holly and berries illustration at the bottom.